Website Development, SEO & Ecommerce Management, Customer Support and Digital Marketing

To design a website, we keep three factors in mind; the brand’s aesthetics, their industry and the purpose of the website. We developed Sobia Nazir’s website on these basis while conducting research on their target audience and industry.

By conducting industry and competitive analysis, packaging was designed for Sobia Nazir. In order to match the aesthetic of the brand, the packaging was kept elegant and minimalistic.


Website Development:

Designed, developed and manage their official website suitable for all devices. SEO optimized and Shopify based platform, in addition we also provided courier integration and other installations..

Ecommerce Management:

Warehousing, order fulfillment and packaging is also provided.

Digital Marketing:

Managed their digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

CSR Management:

Queries on Facebook Suite, email, Whatsapp, Phone and SMS are all provided by our team of dedicated individuals.