Website Development, Ecommerce Management, Customer Support and Digital Marketing

Developed and designed a website that catered to all the client’s requirements. This included interface suitable for all devices, theme based design, multi pages, and search engine optimization, courier integration and content management system.

Yasir Waheed’s logo was kept minimalistic and elegant playing along its font style to show the essence of the company.


Website Development:

Designed and developed a fully responsive website suitable for all devices. Search engine optimized and Shopify based platform, in addition we also provided courier integration and other installations that the client needed.

Ecommerce Management:

360 degree Ecommerce solutions were given, which included, website management, warehousing, order fulfillment and customer support.

Digital Marketing:

Managed their digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

CSR Management:

Queries on Facebook Suite, email, Whatsapp, Phone and SMS are all provided by our dedicated CSR team.